Land Law & Conveyancing

Our wealth of experience in the land and real estate industry in Ghana enables us to provide our clients with the necessary tailor-made support for all their land transactions, whether on the buy, sell, or redevelopment side. We provide advice using the results of extensive and robust due diligence processes and ensure the protection of our clients’ interests.

In our real estate practice, we are well versed in both the legal and commercial aspects of the construction industry and have vast experience in drafting tailor-made construction contracts; and advising clients on the use of Standard Forms of Construction Contracts produced by FIDIC and JCT.

In this area of our practice, we have successfully:

  • Negotiated and drafted land redevelopment agreements between our real estate development clients and landowners for the development of land into residential and commercial complexes; and
  • Drafted Home Owners Rules and Regulations to govern the rights and obligations of homeowners/homeowner associations within several gated residential complexes.

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